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A Passion For What We Do

With more than 32 years of experience, Gaber Group is built on a foundation of deeper insight, creative solutions and trusted advisement. Our relationships with clients form the core of our business.

Estate planning design and implementation can be complex and highly emotional. We spend the time necessary to educate our clients, get an intimate sense of their objectives, and help them develop comprehensive strategies to achieve their financial goals. Our proactive approach, knowledge and attention to detail provides our clients with the edge in an ever-changing financial landscape.

Founded by Frederic Gaber in 1989, Gaber Group began as a firm dedicated to helping clients address the complexity of estate, gift and income tax planning through the use of tax efficient wills, trusts and advanced life insurance design. The firm is now led by Hunter Gimbel and continues to help individuals, families and businesses protect their future and legacies with creative planning concepts.